Swarm Science Lure Nasonov Pheromone

Pheromones are the key to swarm trapping success

Swarm Science is a researched-based swarm lure that closely mimics the Nasonov Pheromone. The Nasonov Pheromone is used by honey bees in directing colony mates to the hive and is especially important in guiding swarms to a new home site.

By replicating the key ingredients found in Nasonov Pheromone Swarm Science lures are formulated to attract many more swarms to your swarm traps than those using other attractants or no attractants at all.

With the cost of package bees and nucs going through the roof, don’t buy new bees, trap them with Swarm Science!

4 keys to Successful Swarm Trapping


Swarm Science imitates the complex chemistry of the Nasonov Pheromone honey bees use to attract swarms to new homesites and is vital to swarm trapping success.

Swarm Lure mimicking Nasonov Pheromone


Place swarm traps 10-15 feet off the ground in a stable position near the trunk of a tree.

Trap Size:

Swarms prefer a 40L cavity for a new home site (Approximately: Two 5 frame deep nuc boxes stacked or one 10 frame deep box). Swarm trap entrance should be towards the bottom and ____ square inches.


Swarming is a part of the honey bee’s natural reproduction process, therefore it is vital to place traps in early spring, a few weeks BEFORE the first swarm is spotted in your area.

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